Promoveo Health Contract Sales Teams

At Promoveo Health we take great pride in that, since 1997, we have custom built over 100 sales teams. From early-stage to multi-national companies, our team has the knowledge, expertise, efficiency, value, and speed of deployment necessary to achieve your commercial and business goals.

Promoveo Health has deployed outsourced sales teams for every size organization from a startup biotech to the largest Pharmaceutical Company in the world (take a look at our client list).

Every organization has a different reason for utilizing Promoveo Health's Contract Sales Services:

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Reason #1 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

Flexibility - Promoveo allows you the ability to quickly ramp up and down the size of your sales team as your business needs change.

Reason #2 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

Speed - Promoveo is ability to deploy a sales team within weeks of the project assignment.

Reason #3 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

Price - Promoveo prices its services extremely aggressively in order to maximize the value for its clients.

Reason #4 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

Market Knowledge - The Leadership at Promoveo Health has been building Contract Sales Teams for over 20 years. With over 100 teams built to date their market knowledge is a great added value.

Reason #5 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

Client is a Partner Mentality - Every Promoveo Contract Sales Client is treated as a partner. This goes way beyond the contractual agreement which is where many of the other CSO (Contract sales organization) firms end.

Reason #6 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

Simple Invoicing - Promoveo understands that you are likely looking to a company that makes your life easier vs harder.  We remember this and look to have a very simple and straightforward invoice for the contract sales or recruiting services you agree on.

Reason #7 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

Great Medical/Dental and Vision Benefits -  Promoveo understands that you want to hire the best available sales people to represent your company.  In order to do this Promoveo has great Medical/Dental and Vision benefits that we have been told are the gold standard in the Contract Sales industry.

Reason #8 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

Results - Promoveo prides itself on having the highest Client Retention Rates in the Contract Sales industry.  Promoveo receives over 80% of its business from organic growth of exiting clients and from their referrals to new clients.

Reason #9 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

People - Interact with the employees of Promoveo and compare them to employees of other Contract Sales Organizations...notice anything different?  In a word...Happy.  We realize that most people would rather interact with someone that is happy....and we encourage this in our culture and hiring.

Reason #10 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

Responsiveness - The piece of positive feedback that we often receive in our client surveys is how amazed at how quickly we are able to respond (we all have cell phones...and don't turn them off).  Our Clients appreciate the level of access that they have to senior leaders at Promoveo Health and the speed upon which their calls/texts/emails are answered.  Bottom line - we treat your business as if it were our own.

Reason #11 to Use Promoveo's Contract Sales Services:

We make your life easier - Promoveo understands that a key reason you are looking to potentially outsource part, or all of your sales team is to make your life easier.  We strive to make this happen and look to think about all of the key elements that you need to have a successful deployment.  At some point in the future, we will of likely trained your internal staff on everything they need to do to support the team any you may look to roll over the team.  We make this part easy too.... oh and we don't charge extra for it.

Promoveo Health Contract Sales Team Options

Dedicated Sales Teams:

Promoveo Health operates numerous dedicate sales teams on behalf of our clients.  These Contract Sales Teams are custom built to the exact needs of our clients.  Every representative in a W2 employee on Promoveo's payroll.  The profile of the representative is determined by you, Promoveo's client, and you are able to select every person that is dedicated to the promotion of your product.

We provide: Medical/Dental and Vision Benefits (for full-time employees)  iPads, iPhones, Concur Expense Reporting, Veeva or (SFA tools), Sunshine act reporting tools, PDMA compliance, materials management, SOP development, Auto Program, Sales Operations, Territory Design and Mapping, and Hardware Management.

The timeline to deploy a dedicated sales team is between 4-6 weeks depending on profiled of the Contract Sales Representative that you would like to deploy.  We recently were aware a Medical Device Contract Salesforce Build behind an important launch.  While we were excited to receive the contract the timeline was aggressive: contract awarded the week of Thanksgiving and the client wanted the representatives in place the week of Christmas.  We were very successful in this deployment and we would be very happy to put you in contact with this client as a reference.

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Promotion Oriented (Shared Contract Sales) Teams:

Many clients come to Promoveo with a specific promotion that they would like one of the Promoveo Health Contract Sales Teams to deploy for a period of time.  Promoveo can often execute this type of contract within 3-4 weeks depending on the capacity of its team and the location an number of targets that the client is looking to reach.

Each of these shared contract sales teams has a "quarterback" client that drives the primary product that is promoted by the salesforce and the targets.  The other clients that we include in the salesforce are chosen so that there is no conflicting (competing) messages to the customer.

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A key core competency of ours lies within our Promoveo Health Recruiting Services.  Within this group we have a team of 15 Executive Recruiters that are focused on recruiting the highest quality Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives possible.  We have a 10 step recruitment process that each candidate is taken through and our clients are welcome to participate in.

Contact a member of our staffing team directly in order to discuss how our staffing abilities can best attend to you unique parameters and needs today.

Contact a member of our leadership team directly in order to discuss how our staffing abilities can best attend to you unique parameters and needs today.