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We are proud to have served a diverse range of clients from various industries, including technology, healthcare, retail, and more. Our clients represent established brands, innovative startups, and influential organizations that have entrusted us with their business needs. We value each client relationship and are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that drive their success.

Client success stories

I have worked with Guy and the Promoveo Health team to build two separate sales teams.  I have used other CSO's in the past and I was turned off by how rigid and inflexible they were.  The experience with Guy and the Promoveo Health staff was completely different.  He spent the time to listen to my needs and we built a team that fit within my limited budget.

SM - President

Mid Tier Public Pharmaceutical Company

We gave Guy and the Promoveo Health team what I thought was an impossible task at the time. Staff a 45 representative specialty sales force within 4-5 weeks over the Thanksgiving / Christmas holidays. When I met the team at training in Dallas I was blown away at the quality. Guy and the Promoveo Health staff completely over delivered versus my expectations. We are a Medical Device company that has never used a Contract Sales Organization and I really didn't know what to expect. I value execution and Guy is an expert at execution...

JB - President

Large (top 5) Public Medical Device Company

We launched a pilot contract sales team with Promoveo Health around an orphan drug in a specialty space. At the time we also had a co-promotion partner and we were the second product in their bag. The difference between building my team through Guy and Promoveo and working with the co-promotion partner was night and day. My commercial team is mostly just me and I really relied on the Promoveo Health staff to help me build. I would of never even attempted this until I met Guy. He nailed my rep profile and allowed me to be involved in selecting every rep on the team. The pilot representatives quickly outpaced the co-promotion partner representatives. After 18 months we staffed up the organization and completely dis-engaged from the co-promotion partner. I would of never attempted this if I didn't give Guy and the Promoveo Health team a try.

ME - Chief Commercial Officer

Small Private Pharmaceutical Company

I worked with Guy and the Promoveo Health team at my previous company and I was impressed with the quality of representatives that he and his team recruited. When I landed my new role I called Guy and told him that I needed his help finding me quality representatives. I am impressed at the attention and quality that I receive from Guy and his team even though I am just having them staff a few representatives each month. The responsiveness is amazing - I value someone that gives me their cell phone number and responds to emails... The cost of their recruiting service is extremely fair and frankly a lot less than using an executive recruiter. I will keep going back to Guy and the Promoveo Health Team.

SM - VP Sales

Small Private Medical Device Company

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